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Options to Straighten Your Teeth If You Don't Want to Wear Standard Braces

Julian Andrews

Teeth straightening is a procedure that many dental clinics have expertise in, as it's something many children and young adults need to have performed. However, teeth straightening procedures in adults is a little bit different, as many adults are reluctant of getting ordinary, steel wire braces placed in their mouth, which is the most common tooth straightening procedure performed on children. If you're an adult in the need of teeth straightening, you should know a little bit about the different options available to help you avoid standard braces.

Lingual braces

An option that is quite similar to standard braces with similar functionality, but without the visual element that you want to avoid, is lingual braces. These are fitted on the backside of your teeth and work just like normal braces. The downside of this type of braces compared to ordinary braces is that they're usually more expensive. It can also be quite uncomfortable at the beginning, as your tongue is in constant contact with the sharp metal pieces on the backside of your teeth. This can give you trouble speaking properly until you've gotten used to it. It is however, completely invisible, and will straighten your teeth out if worn according to your dentist's instructions.

Clear ceramic braces

A cheaper option to lingual braces that also keeps the functionality of standard braces is clear ceramic braces. This type of braces is essentially ordinary braces, with the difference that all structures are clear or tooth coloured. This means that nobody is going to be able to easily see it in your mouth. However, it feels like ordinary braces with it being mounted on the outside of your teeth, and it's not fully invisible up close. This can still make you feel uncomfortable with smiling and opening your mouth.

Accelerated orthodontics

There is also a branch of dentistry that is called accelerated orthodontics. It involves a number of treatments that can speed up the process of teeth straightening. Surgically removing teeth or pieces of teeth is a treatment belonging to accelerated orthodontics. So is wearing a device for some time every day that pulsates and activates the movement of your teeth, making the process of straightening your teeth faster. However, all of these procedures are only meant to speed up the process of teeth straightening. You still need to wear some type of orthodontic equipment. They are also rather expensive, especially in combination with wearing some type of braces. You should investigate if your dental clinic performs services like these and consult with your dentist about having it done if you can afford it and want to wear orthodontic gear for the shortest time possible.


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