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Dentures and Dentist

Ways To Enhance Your Beauty The Dental-Way

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Technology development in the field of dentistry has made it possible for people to have their dream smiles. You may not have the perfect smile from birth, but nothing should stop you from investing in one. Currently, there are non-invasive and friendly cosmetic dental procedures you can undergo to get your dream smile. Below are key cosmetic dentistry technologies you might be searching for or never knew about.

Teeth Bonding

Bonding is a procedure that involves enhancing the appearance of your teeth by making them appear aligned, and well-spaced with no gaps. The procedure involves the addition of a filler material to your teeth, which is then solidified using a special light technology. The appearance and color of the filler are similar to your teeth, and hence no one will notice it.

Bonding is suitable for people with a broken tooth, stained, chipped, or cracked teeth, and people with unevenly large spaces between their teeth. In addition, enamel shaping is a procedure complementary to bonding, and involves teeth enhancement by teeth contouring. Contouring is the removal of tiny bits of enamel so as to reshape your teeth. This procedure is used on people with irregular length, teeth overlaps, or an unusual shape such as sharp-pointed teeth.  

Gum Repositioning  

When you smile the larger part of your gum should remain concealed. However, this is not the case for everyone, hence the need for gum repositioning. This procedure involves removing part of the gum tissue so as to reshape the gum line or expose teeth.

Gum repositioning is recommended for people with a gummy smile. You can have either laser repositioning or crown lengthening procedures done depending on your needs. Laser repositioning involves the use of lasers to remove gum, whereas crown lengthening involves surgery done under general anesthesia. Crown lengthening is more invasive and commonly used for severe cases.  

Botox Dermal Fillers

Besides perfecting your teeth alignment and shape, your dentist can also enhance the appearance of the surrounding area around your mouth. Botox dermal fillers come in handy at this point, whereby your dentist will add volume to your lips and oral area. This method in non-invasive and involves the injection of a medically approved filler material such as Botox beneath the skin. The procedure is used to rectify lip maladjustments such as uneven lips and high lip lines.

A beautiful smile greatly enhances your overall appearance and is quite the ice breaker in conversations. Book an appointment with your dentist and learn effective procedures that will rectify any dental concerns you may have.


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