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Denture Worries | 4 Strategies Your Dentist Uses To Prevent Your Face From Shrinking With Dentures

Julian Andrews

Dentures are detachable false teeth built into your mouth by your dentist to replace absent teeth. But sometimes, your jawbone can shrink after wearing these dentures for several years. This happens because the density of the jawbone reduces and isn't able to provide adequate support for your face muscles. This may result in a sagging appearance over time. Although some bone loss with dentures is unavoidable, your dentist will follow these strategies to prevent your face from shrinking.

Your Dentist Will Use Existing Teeth To Support Your Dentures

You won't experience as much bone loss if all your teeth are not removed, so your dentist will use your existing teeth to support your dentures. The teeth you retain are used to hold your dentures in place and protect your jawbone from shrinking. If you have partial dentures, then you're less likely to suffer from face shrinking thanks to your existing natural teeth.

Your Dentist Will Implant The Dentures

If you don't have enough natural teeth to support the dentures, then your dentist may use denture implants to support your jawbone by preventing your face from shrinking. A bone graft will ensure robust support for denture implants. This also makes it easier for people to speak and eat when they have dentures.

Your Dentist Will Enhance Denture Fit Regularly

Poorly-fitted dentures can expedite bone loss and trigger face shrinking, so you must have a proper denture fit at all times. Depending on the number of missing teeth, your dentist may fit full or partial dentures in your mouth. While dentures are prepared by taking a proper impression from your mouth, they can sometimes become loose with regular wear. You will need to visit your dentist regularly to ensure that the dentures sit properly in your mouth. If they are slightly loose, get them re-fitted quickly to prevent bone loss and face shrinking.

You Dentist May Recommend A Specific Diet For Proper Nutrition

Your body needs wholesome nutrition to maintain the bones in your gums. A nutritious diet without processed foods will keep your bones strong and healthy. This is especially important when you start wearing dentures because the jawbone is at bigger risk of shrinking. Your dentist may recommend a diet full of calcium, minerals and vitamins to keep your jawbone protected for longer when you have dentures. Follow it diligently to avoid facial shrinking.

Make sure you don't skimp out on oral hygiene when you have dentures because you could risk other problems in your mouth. Visit your dentist regularly to ensure that your dentures aren't causing your jawbone and face to shrink. 


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