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How to Keep Your Braces In Good Condition

Julian Andrews

Wearing braces in your mouth is usually only a temporary measure to fix a particular problem. Both teenage and adult braces need to be kept clean, however, or the teeth they are reshaping will suffer. Many people who wear braces know that they should continue to brush their teeth but know little else.

When you have braces attached to your teeth, oral hygiene is even more important than usual because you will not be able to access your teeth as you would normally expect to. What should you be doing to maintain the condition of both your braces and your teeth?

Brushing Techniques

When you brush the inside part of your teeth, next to your tongue, and the caps of your molars, there is no need to make any change to the way you scrub your teeth using a toothbrush and toothpaste. This will continue to deal with any minor cavities and clear away unwanted debris. The trickier part comes when you need to brush the outside of your teeth where the braces are in place. The key here is not to push too hard with your toothbrush or the braces' wiring can become detached. Use a soft brush with fine bristles and make gentle circular motions rather than sawing back and forth so the braces are undamaged.


If you are in the habit of brushing your teeth twice a day, then up this regime while you are wearing braces to ensure your teeth are brushed at least three times. Brushing soon after each meal time is advisable to prevent the build up of sugars and bacteria which can attack the teeth, especially in hard-to-reach areas around the braces. Makes sure that each brushing session lasts for three minutes to ensure that each tooth is thoroughly cleaned.


You may think that flossing is not possible if you have braces fitted and give up on the practice, but you should not give up. Even though is is impossible to use normal flossing tools which slide in between your teeth, you can use products which have a stiff end and spongier middle sections. This makes it possible to push the floss between teeth close to the gum line and then use a back and forth motion to floss properly. Don't pull up and down or this will dislodge your brace. When you have finished flossing, simply detract the floss by pulling it out the way it went in.

For more information and tips for keeping your braces in good condition, talk with a dentist or orthodontist, such as those at Perfect Smiles Orthodontics.


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