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What's the Tooth Fairy's Rate Today?

Julian Andrews

The myth of a Tooth Fairy that leaves money in exchange for children's teeth is common around the world. Designed to make kids feel better about losing their baby teeth, the story goes that a magical fairy takes the tooth and leaves a small quantity of money in exchange. However, many parents find it difficult to decide exactly how much money their kids should receive for every tooth they lose. If you're struggling to decide how generous the Tooth Fairy should be in your household, the following figures may help.

Tooth Fairy Rates: Past and Present

Back in 1995, the average Australian child received $2 per tooth from the Tooth Fairy. However, the size of the payment kids receive has grown dramatically since that time. In 2005, kids received an average of $3 per tooth. By 2015, this amount had doubled to $6 per tooth.

Is Today's Tooth Fairy More Generous?

Some parents assume that the best way to calculate fair Tooth Fairy rates for the modern day is to take the amount they received as children and increase it in line with inflation. However, doing this with the 1995 of $2 per tooth would result in the Tooth Fairy paying only $3.26 per tooth. According to economists, parents have increased the amount they give by more than inflation because children are an important spending priority compared to other financial obligations.

How Much Does Your Tooth Fairy Pay?

As a loving parent, you may want to give your kids as much money as possible every time they lose a tooth. However, it's important to remember that the average infant has 20 baby teeth, so however much you decide to pay for the first tooth, you'll end up shelling out 20 times that amount in total -- and of course you'll need to multiply this amount by the number of children in the family. One option is to pay more for the first tooth that a child loses and less for subsequent losses, but this could lead to disappointment when kids discover that the Tooth Fairy is getting less generous.

Supporting Kids Through Losing Their Baby Teeth

While the Tooth Fairy tradition is a common way to make losing baby teeth fun, their are other ways to help kids look forward to getting their adult set of teeth. If your budget is tight, simply praising your children for growing a strong and healthy set of teeth behind their baby teeth can help them to view the experience with excitement rather than fear. Remember that if your child loses a baby tooth and no replacement appears within six months, it is a good idea to take them to a family dentist to check that everything is healthy and normal.


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