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When Does Your Child Need To See An Emergency Dentist?

Julian Andrews

As a parent, it's sometimes hard trying to figure out whether your child needs emergency care or if it's a situation that can wait until the next regular business day. Take, for example, teeth. Teeth are not a part of the body you want to mess with because loss of permanent teeth leads to more serious dental procedures. So how do you decide whether you need to see an emergency dentist at a clinic like Dentists @ Muswellbrook Pty Ltd? These two common childhood dental complaints should be remembered when a dental disaster happens on a weekend or after hours on a weekday.

Loose tooth

The most important factor in deciding whether a loose tooth needs emergency dental assistance is whether the tooth is a baby one or if it is a permanent one. A baby tooth that is loose is naturally dissolving its roots so it can fall out of the mouth and be replaced by a permanent tooth. A loose permanent tooth, however, is something you don't want to see as replacement means placing artificial options like a bridge or an implant.

If a permanent tooth is loose while playing sport, is pushing down on its socket (potentially damaging the roots), or is bleeding each time your child eats, then seek emergency dental help. All other loose tooth scenarios can wait until Monday.

Knocked out tooth

A completely dislodged tooth is also a dental drama depending on what type of tooth it is. If it is a baby tooth that fell out due to an accident, you should visit the dentist to make sure no socket damage occurred, but this appointment can wait until the dental office opens for regular hours.

However, a permanent tooth that has been knocked out due to an accident does need urgent medical attention to save it.

After picking up the knocked out tooth, wash away debris and then push it gently back into the socket. Dampen some gauze or tissue and place this over the tooth to hold it in place. If your child is resisting this step, put the tooth in a glass of milk and head to your nearest emergency dentist straight away. The milk helps the tooth to survive until it is replanted, but never use water as it causes the tooth roots to swell up and then die. The faster you get to the dentist, the better the chances of replanting the tooth.

If your child has dental damage on the weekend or after the dentist closes and you're still wondering whether they need urgent help or if it can wait, ring the emergency dentist and explain the situation. They will give you the advice you need based on the situation your child is experiencing.


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