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Importance of Mouthguards When Your Child Has Braces

Julian Andrews

A dentist can recommend braces to straighten your teeth, which improves your dental appearance. However, braces are very delicate and should be handled with care. As such, it is essential to invest in mouthguards, especially when it is your children who have the braces. This is because children are playful and there are high chances that the braces can be damaged and affect the teeth, which leads to dental repair. Below are reasons why you should ensure your child has mouthguards when they have braces.

Prevents injuries to the gums

Since children are very playful, there are high chances that they will fall or get knocked over in the playground. This can be dangerous when your child has braces since the high impact can cause the braces into the gums and jaws of your child. The result can be fractured crowns and root damage, which can lead to intense pain for your child. To avoid such incidences, you should get them mouthguards to be placed over their braces. The mouthguards will act as a buffer and prevent any direct impact from getting to the teeth. You can then advise them to always put them on when they are playing with their friends.

Helps to prevent damage to the braces

Getting braces is expensive and any damage to them increases the dental costs. A direct impact on the braces can lead to their damage and this will force you to get your child a new set. However, when your child has a mouthguard, the impact on their mouth is minimal which hardly causes any damage to the braces.

Assists to maintain the hygiene of teeth

When one has braces, their teeth are sensitive since the nerves can be exposed. This can cause extreme discomfort to your child when they are exposed to high or low temperatures. An example is when your child decides to have some ice cream. After eating a few spoons they will most likely start experiencing pain. The same sensations can be experienced in the cold season when your child breathes through the mouth. One way to avoid this incident is by buying mouthguards for your child. This will prevent cold or high temperatures from reaching their teeth, which reduces the discomfort associated with braces. 

Apart from preventing unnecessary dental emergencies, mouthguards are available in different shades and sizes. Make sure you consult with your dentist for recommendations on the best mouthguards that are ideal for your child.


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