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How to Choose a Dentist For Your Children

Julian Andrews

Many children fear visits to the dentist, and one of the best ways to tackle that fear is to take them to a family-friendly children's dentist. Finding one can seem like an overwhelming task, but in fact, there are only a few important things to consider when choosing a dentist for your children.

Choose a Suitable Dental Practitioner

Choosing which paediatric dentist you want to work with is perhaps the most important and difficult decision you'll make, and many people are willing to make small sacrifices in other areas if they find the perfect practitioner. You can read reviews online, or ask friends with older children for recommendations, but what you're looking for is someone with a good bedside manner, who will explain things to your children in a way they can understand, and who performs treatment in a gentle, non-invasive manner. She Knows also points out that you might want to choose a dentist who seems interested in educating children and teenagers about oral hygiene, and who can explain these concepts in a helpful and age-appropriate manner. 

Another thing to consider is the dentist's qualifications: most dentists are willing to work with children, but a dentist with an extra qualification in paediatric dentistry will have more specific skills and training. Ask your dentist about their training to make sure they're fully qualified and up to date. 

Evaluate the Atmosphere of the Practice

A good children's dentist office will try to put children at ease before they even enter the consultation room. Examine the waiting area. Is it bright, colourful, and child-friendly? Are there books to read and toys to play with? Some offices may even have a little play area to distract children why they wait. Colgate also suggests that you look at the equipment the dentist will be using, as small, child-sized equipment may be more reassuring to children. As well as the physical atmosphere, speak to the reception staff, consider how they speak to children, and how friendly and accommodating they seem. 

Consider Whether the Practice is Convenient

Even after finding the ideal dentist and practice, you still need to consider whether it's a realistic choice for you. You need to think about whether it is close enough to your home or workplace to convenient, and if you need any sort of payment plan, you'll want to check out whether that's something they can offer. also points out that you might want to ask about their provision for emergencies and out-of-hours visits, as with children you never know when a dentist visit will be needed.

If you think carefully about the questions above, then you're sure to find the ideal children's dentist for your little ones, setting them up for a life of excellent oral hygiene. 


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