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What to Expect After Wisdom Tooth Extractions

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Whilst having your wisdom teeth extracted doesn't necessarily make you feel any wiser, it will certainly make you feel better. Many people have their wisdom teeth extracted when they're experiencing pain, sensitivity or other teeth problems as the wisdom teeth grow in. Although your wisdom teeth surgery does require a certain amount of downtime, it's done as a day patient procedure and you might just be surprised at how fast your recovery can really be. Here's what you need to know about recovery from wisdom teeth extractions. 

Time Away From Work

The amount of time away from work after a wisdom tooth extraction depends on a couple of factors, including the complexity of your extraction and the number of wisdom teeth extracted. Most patients are able to go back to work after just a few days or even the very next day. 

Eating and Drinking During Recovery

After a wisdom tooth extraction, you'll need to eat a liquid or a soft diet for a few days. Most people transition back to semi-soft food after two days or so, and then back into eating normally after a couple of weeks. Some foods that you can enjoy during early recovery include: 

  • Yoghurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Clear broth
  • Applesauce
  • Custard

If you had just one or two tooth extractions, try to chew only on the opposite side until your socket is healed. It's best to avoid caffeine, fizzy drinks, and alcohol in the early days after your wisdom tooth extraction -- plain water or herbal tea are good choices. Avoid using a straw whilst drinking, as the straw can cause a suction that interferes with proper blood clotting and healing. 

Socket Care

Your dentist will advise you regarding care of the tooth socket. Some common recommendations after wisdom tooth surgery include: 

  • Rinse the extraction area with a salt water solution every few hours 
  • Don't brush on the day of the surgery
  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush whilst brushing, and avoid touching the socket

Pain Control

Pain control is something that you'll consult with your dentist about. In most cases, your dentist will write a prescription for pain relief tablets. Additionally, you're likely to receive a prescription for antibiotics. Antibiotics play an important role in controlling pain, as they prevent infections that can be quite painful. Some patients find that over the counter pain tablets from the local chemist are sufficient for pain relief. After a couple of days, you'll likely be feeling fine and won't need further pain relief tablets. However, you should always take all antibiotics until they're finished.

With the right guidelines to follow, you need not worry about wisdom teeth extraction recovery. Speak to your dentist about the guidelines above to make sure that you have the fastest and most comfortable recovery possible.


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