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Correcting an Uneven Gum Line With Cosmetic Dentistry

Julian Andrews

A smile involves more than just your teeth. Your gums also play a role in the formation of your smile. Although most people tend to notice teeth more than anything else, healthy and attractive gums help to beautify a smile. If just one area of an upper or lower gum is asymmetrical, an otherwise perfect smile can lose its appeal.

Uneven gum tissue can lower a sufferer's confidence and prevent them from fully expressing themselves. If one of your gums is noticeably uneven, a cosmetic dentistry professional can help you to correct the issue. But you might also be wondering what causes it. There are several causes.

The Causes of Asymmetrical Gums

Some people are born with uneven gum tissue in one or more areas. Fortunately, this is easy to correct since there is no infection present, nor has the area suffered any trauma. Trauma is a common cause of uneven gums. For example, young children and teens may brush their teeth too roughly, causing the gum tissue to recede in areas.

It is also normal for gums to recede over a person's lifetime. As a result, gum recession is common in people over 40. Periodontal disease is also more prevalent in this age group due to general wear and tear and bad habits, such as smoking, drinking and poor oral hygiene. If one area of a person's mouth is in poor health, the gums in that area might recede more dramatically.

Your Gum Contouring Options

Whatever a person's age, a cosmetic dentist can perform a gum contouring procedure, also known as gingivoplasty. By removing and reshaping gum tissue, a cosmetic dentist can correct an uneven gum line. However, if gum disease is present, it will be necessary for the cosmetic dentist to remove the diseased gum tissue before proceeding with the contouring procedure.

You have two options regarding the method of gum contouring.

Surgical Gum Contouring

In the past, this was the only means of resculpting gum tissue. Using a scalpel, a cosmetic dentist cuts away gum tissue, then sutures the wounds closed. This method can be painful, especially the recovery period, though an anesthetic is provided before surgery. There may also be more blood.

Laser Gum Contouring

Less painful, less bloody and with a faster recovery time, laser contouring is the modern equivalent to surgical gum contouring. The difference in cost between the two treatments is also negligible, with laser contouring being only slightly more costly in most cases.

If your gums are holding back your smile, seek out a cosmetic dentist near you. After just one visit and approximately two weeks recovery time, your newly symmetrical gums will be ready to woo the world.


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