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Oh, No! You've Got a Loose Veneer: Here's Why it Happened and What You Can Do About It

Julian Andrews

Veneers are a fantastic way to cover up damage or just enhance your smile overall. However, because veneers feel and look so natural, you might nearly forget that you're even wearing them until disaster strikes. If you suddenly feel your veneer shifting -- or if it comes completely loose from your tooth -- it can spell serious problems for your smile. Below, you'll learn why it happens so you can prevent a loose veneer in the future -- and you'll also find out exactly what to do if your veneer comes loose.

Why Did Your Veneer Come Loose?

There are several causes of loose veneers. In some cases, it's due to something you did (or didn't do) and in other situations it's beyond your control. The most common reasons for loose veneers include: 

Age: The older that a veneer is, the more likely it is to come loose. The material that your dentist uses to bond the veneer to the tooth will gradually wear away over the years. Veneers can last anywhere from 5-25 years, with porcelain veneers outlasting composite ones. 

Tooth decay: Your veneer requires a healthy and strong tooth structure. If your tooth is decaying, the veneer may come loose because the tooth it was attached to is now wearing away.

Improper care: If you don't take care of your veneer in the right way, you greatly increase the odds of having it loosen or even fall off completely. Some bad habits that can cause your veneer to come loose include grinding your teeth, chewing ice or crunching on popcorn kernels.

Whilst you've got no control over veneer ageing, your dentist will evaluate your veneer during each regular check-up. As long as you keep up with your regular check-ups, your dentist can warn you about an ageing veneer before it loosens so that you can have it remedied straight away.

Tooth decay is another matter that your dental check-ups will help with. Practise good dental care at home, and get treatment straight away if your dentist recognises early signs of tooth decay during your next check-up. Improper veneer care is entirely within your control.

What You Can Do About a Loose Veneer

A loose veneer has a simple remedy -- and it doesn't involve trying to glue the veneer back onto your tooth yourself! Ring the dentist straight away, and don't try to touch, rinse or brush your tooth right now. Don't try to reattach the veneer to your tooth, but do take it to the emergency dentist with you. It might be salvageable, which could be a major cost savings to you. Only your dentist can help with a loose veneer.

A loose veneer may mean that you made a mistake or that the veneer is simply showing its age. Don't try to cope with this problem on your own -- phone the emergency dentist straight away to get your lovely smile back again!


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