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Dental Implants: Signs You Are Eligible for This Restorative Treatment

Julian Andrews

Missing a tooth or some teeth doesn't only affect your self-esteem, but it also subjects you to various oral health issues. Some people lose their teeth through some unavoidable circumstances but this doesn't mean they won't smile again. They can get dental implants. They have revolutionised the dentistry world in a big way by helping people to restore their confidence to smile. Dental implants are durable titanium rods that dentists fix surgically into the jawbone where the teeth or a tooth is missing. According to most dentists, you are fit for this restorative solution if:

Your Tooth Is Severely Damaged or Infected

Most dentists insist that infected or damaged teeth require non-invasive treatments. However, they use some invasive treatments if the tooth infection or damage is severe. A tooth shouldn't be removed if something can be done to make it strong, functional and healthier. Most dentists affirm that dental bridges and crowns can't correct or treat serious teeth infections or damage. Dental implants are an effective and reliable treatment in such situations. Your dentist will first extract the severely infected or damaged tooth before they place the dental implant.

Your Dentures Are Uncomfortable and Loose

People with missing teeth mainly depended on full or partial dentures some years ago, but things have changed today. Dentures don't fit properly or prevent bone loss, and they make you experience uncomfortable slips when speaking or eating. However, dental implants are permanent since they are placed in the jaw surgically. They won't slip or get loose like the traditional dentures. With quality dental implants in your mouth, there's no need for messy adhesives and special cleansers.

One or More Teeth Are Missing

Missing teeth attract numerous oral health problems. You have a missing tooth if you got it extracted or got it knocked out in an accident. You can't chew, talk or eat properly if you have missing teeth. Your surrounding teeth will drift out of alignment and create more complications due to the gaps the missing teeth create. Missing teeth also cause jaw bone loss that in turn cause a sunken facial appearance and loss of more teeth. Your dentist knows the best dental implants you should use to fill the gaps in your mouth and help you to speak, eat and smile with confidence. Dental implants serve as artificial tooth roots and they keep the other teeth in your mouth intact.

Go for dental implants if you are tired of those loose dentures or if you are missing a tooth. The dentist will assess your dental problem and its risk factors and decide if your candidacy for dental implants is good. Dental implants will bring back the smile that makes your world brighter and confidence to mingle with friends, colleagues and relatives in any setting.


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