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4 Advantages Driving The Popularity Of Ceramic Dental Implants

Julian Andrews

For the longest time, the number one choice when it came to dental implant material was titanium and titanium alloys. Ceramic dental implants have, over the past few years, become even more popular compared to their titanium counterparts. Why this is the case comes down to several reasons, some of which are highlighted here.

1. A More Natural Look

Ceramic dental implants are white, and as such, they look more like your natural teeth. It will not be easy for others to tell that you have the implants. Additionally, they have no impact on the colour of the gums, unlike titanium dental implants, which make thin gums appear grey. The grey colour is a result of the titanium implants casting a shadow on the gum tissue.

2. Non-Metallic, Biocompatible Composition

Titanium dental implants may not be a fit for you if you have a metal allergy. The severity of the allergies varies from one person to the next. And, even if you don't have allergies, you likely don't want a metallic aftertaste following placement of the implants. Ceramic implants are very biocompatible and prevent gum recession problems, since tissue can grow well around the implant. Again, these dental implants do not corrode, and you do not ever have to worry about fragments of the implants ending up on your gum tissues and mouth.

3. Single-Piece Construction

Ceramic dental implants are designed as a single piece, unlike the titanium counterparts, which are placed in two pieces. One advantage of this is that there is reduced surgical time, less pain and a shorter recovery time for you. Additionally, you will be looking at a lowered risk of infections. With the two-piece construction of titanium dental implants, shifting of the pieces may allow room for plaque to build up, which may result in inflammation and infections.

4. Strong And Long-Lasting 

Chewing on your food exerts a considerable force that will bear down on both your natural teeth and the dental implants. Like their titanium counterparts, ceramic dental implants are extremely strong and can handle the load. These implants are durable and can last a very long time. Ceramic dental implants are an excellent long-term tooth replacement choice, and with proper care, can last a lifetime.

As outlined, there are several advantages to ceramic dental implants compared to titanium implants. You get strong and long-lasting, non-metal implants that also look more natural. Ask a dentist for more information about dental implants today.


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