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3 Common Orthodontic Problems You Can Correct With Braces as an Adult

Julian Andrews

As you age, your teeth move. And this gradual movement tends to be toward the front of your mouth. This natural movement can lead to crowding, crookedness and issues with bite alignment. All of these issues can affect your smile and your confidence. But no matter how old you are, you can undergo orthodontic treatment to correct issues with your teeth.

If you aren't happy with your smile due to the way your teeth have moved over the years, consider undergoing orthodontic treatment. Braces can help you to correct the following issues.

1. Overcrowding

A process known as mesial drift causes teeth to move toward the front of your mouth as you age. The result of this movement is overcrowding. When the teeth at the front of the mouth push together, they begin to overlap and move forwards or backwards due to the lack of available space. This can have a big impact on your smile.

But with Invisalign or traditional braces, you can gradually move your overcrowded teeth back into their former positions. In their former positions, your smile will appear straight and become more pleasing to the eye.

2. Crookedness

Teeth also become crooked over time if there is a lack of space in the mouth. Some teeth rotate, and others are pushed into awkward angles. This can affect your appearance and also the way that you eat. Even if only one or two teeth have become crooked, something that often happens with the lower teeth over time, traditional braces can help to move those teeth.

With the use of brackets on the affected teeth, orthodontists can apply gradual pressure to move crooked teeth into healthier positions.  

3. Misalignment

When your teeth move so much that they no longer come together in the same way as they once did, smiling and eating can be difficult. And misaligned teeth can also cause you to grind your teeth at night as your jaw seeks to correct the issue. This can lead to advanced wear and tear. With the help of orthodontic treatment, you can realign your teeth and jaws.

Once your teeth are realigned, you'll find that eating and talking are easier. And you'll no longer grind your teeth at night.  

If your smile isn't what it used to be because your teeth have moved over the years, consider seeking out an orthodontist. With their help, you can straighten your teeth and give yourself a reason to be proud of your smile once again.


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