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Two reasons why your dentist might advise you to take out your lip piercing before your appointments

Julian Andrews

Here are two reasons why your dentist might recommend that you take out your lip piercing before your dental appointments.

In case the jewellery falls out whilst they're doing dental work on your mouth

One reason why your dentist might ask you to take out this piercing is that there is a chance that it could fall out whilst they're doing dental work on your mouth. For example, the jewellery might catch on the dentist's cuff and might get pulled out when they move their wrist. Similarly, it could get caught on one of the curved dental instruments the dentist uses for tartar removal and get removed from the piercing.  

Because your dentist will be aware that this could hurt you, rip your piercing and damage your jewellery, they will not recommend keeping the jewellery in whilst you're having any dental work done. If your piercing is new and you're worried that, during a lengthy dental session, it might start to close up, you can tell the dentist this and they may be able to divide the dental work into shorter appointments so this new piercing won't be without jewellery for more than, for example, an hour at a time.

In case it irritates your front teeth or gums that they need to do dental work on

Another reason why your dentist might tell you to do this is if they have to do some work on your front teeth or gums (for instance, if you've asked them to do rooting planing on the gums in this area or if you're having a root canal done on one of these teeth). In this situation, they may recommend taking out the piercing and then keeping it out for a couple of days because the treated gum area or tooth will be sore and sensitive for a while.

If, when you eat or talk in the days after this treatment, your lip ring, which is located by the front of your mouth, rubs against your sore gums or tooth socket, you'll find this healing period unnecessarily uncomfortable. Furthermore, the irritation your jewellery causes may result in you having to wait longer for this sore area to heal. As such, if you want this dental procedure to go well and want to heal from it as fast as possible, it's best to keep your lip jewellery out of your piercing for both the treatment and the healing period.


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