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Are Your Teeth Tinted? Here Is Why You Should Whiten Them Professionally

Julian Andrews

White teeth improve one's appearance and self-esteem. However, many people tend to have tinted teeth mainly because of teeth-staining food, poor dental hygiene, and old age. Though teeth discolouration is unavoidable, you can control it using whitening products or professional teeth whitening. If you are planning to improve your teeth's appearance, here is why you should visit your dentist as opposed to using over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products.

It Offers Fast Results 

One of the common complaints among people using OTC teeth whitening products is that they take too long to produce observable results. On the other hand, professional whitening works fast. A single appointment with your dentist is enough for you to get your teeth whitened.

It Delivers Better Results

The results from home-based whitening procedures vary from those of professional whitening techniques. When you visit your dentist, there is a good chance you will get brighter teeth since they use the correct products and advanced techniques. 

It Provides Consistent Results 

The results from DIY procedures are not consistent. You will likely end up with some teeth being brighter than others. However, when you visit your dentist for whitening, they will ensure that all your teeth are the same shade of white. 

It Gives Lasting Results 

Most home-based whitening procedures do not deliver permanent results. You'll need to keep on reapplying the products to maintain the results. On the contrary, the outcome of a professional tooth whitening procedure lasts longer because the agents used by dentists have stronger bleaching elements. Additionally, your dentist will guide you on how to keep your teeth bright for long after the procedure.

It Is Safer

OTC treatments have different effects on people. For some, these teeth bleaching agents may irritate their gums. For those who suffer from teeth sensitivity, the agents exacerbate it. Nevertheless, when you have the treatment done by a professional, they personalise it to ensure that every product they use is safe for your teeth. 

It Improves Oral Health

A dentist first cleans your teeth before whitening them. During cleaning, they eliminate all bacteria, and this reinforces your oral health. In addition, when your teeth are deeply cleaned, it reduces the likelihood of developing gum disease and cavities. 

Although professional tooth whitening is costly, its merits overshadow the cost. As seen, the results are better and consistent, and it is a safe way to brighten your teeth. Talk to a dentist to learn more about teeth whitening.


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