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The Dos and Don'ts of Tackling Denture Staining

Julian Andrews

When you finally get your hands on a new set of dentures, you'll probably feel proud of your new smile. But if you don't care for them correctly, stains can soon settle in. Whether you're new to dentures or you're a veteran, it's handy to learn the dos and don'ts of removing stains from them.

Don't Use Hot Water

Although hot water is an excellent stain remover in many circumstances, it isn't good for your dentures. It could warp their shape, which means they may not fit well and they could cause abrasions.

Always use cool or lukewarm water to clean your fittings. If you do find that stains are persistent, you can soak them in cool water with a teaspoon of baking soda. As the baking soda bubbles, it will gently lift stains and achieve a colour you are happy with.

Do Rinse After Coffee

Having false teeth in place doesn't mean you need to abandon your caffeine hit. But you do need to take extra care every time you drink a cup. 

Upon finishing your coffee, place your teeth under cool running water. As the water runs across them it will flush away any stain-causing substances and leave them looking whiter for longer.

Don't Whiten Them

Tooth whitening treatments can work wonders for your natural teeth, providing you use a professional service. However, the chemical composition of each treatment isn't suitable for tackling false teeth and could cause damage.

The same rule applies to whitening toothpaste, so make sure you choose your toothpaste brand carefully. If you're looking for a solution that can tackle dentures, ask your dentist about specialist cleaning solutions. Usually, they come in the form of soaking solutions, so make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging.

Do Soak Overnight

Soaking your false teeth overnight is particularly effective when you're a smoker. Tobacco stains build up over time. So while you may not notice them immediately, you could experience a decline in the brightness of your teeth if you don't soak regularly.

If you're a smoker, soak your dentures in a suitable anti-stain solution or bicarbonate of soda and water when you go to bed. Remove the dentures in the morning, rinse them off with cool water and then dry them before placing them in your mouth again.

Finally, although you should brush your false teeth as normal, make sure you use a soft bristle. By taking a delicate approach, you'll maintain their structure and keep them looking fresh.


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