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Options You Can Consider When Selecting Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns refer to manmade caps that are attached onto a tooth for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons you may require a dental crown is to restore the shape of your tooth, enhance its structural integrity, restore its size and more. If your dentist prescribes the installation of a dental crown to your tooth, you would have to make a decision on what material would be best suited to you. The following are some of the different options you can consider when selecting dental crowns.

Metal dental crowns

As the name suggests, these dental crowns are composed of metallic materials. The most popular option tends to be gold dental crowns. However, you can also find silver-coloured metal crowns that are less conspicuous than their gold counterparts. These types of dental crowns are characterized by their inherent strength. This makes them one of the more durable options you can consider when contemplating dental crowns. As such, they make suitable crowns for teeth located in areas that require much dental strength for grinding and chewing such as the molars. However, they can still be capped onto other teeth too.

Ceramic dental crowns

These types of crowns are manufactured from ceramic materials, for instance porcelain. There are two ways that they can be created. The first option would be to have a dental technician handcraft the ceramic dental crown. The second method would be through computerized imaging where the results are used to carve the dental crown from a porcelain block. In both instances, the dental crown is customised to ensure that it suits your specific dental measurements. One of the biggest benefits of ceramic dental crowns is their appearance. Since they are tooth-coloured, they are the most discreet option that you could choose. As such, these dental crowns are typically capped onto teeth that are front and centre, for example, your incisors or canines. It should be noted that capping these crowns onto your molars makes them susceptible to breaking or acquiring damage since the ceramic is not designed for high pressure being exerted onto it.

Porcelain fused to metal dental crowns

These types of dental crowns are a hybrid of the metallic crowns and their ceramic counterparts. The inner part of the crown is made up of a metal, whereas the outer part of the crown is made from porcelain. This gives you the chance to opt for a crown that is strong, without having to compromise on the appearance of the crown.


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