Dentures and Dentist

Dentures and Dentist

  • Is It Ever Safe to Whiten a Child's Teeth?

    Teeth whitening is generally not recommended for young children. The earliest possible age can vary, and is unlikely to be until they're well into their teenage years—but this should be confirmed with your children's dentist. However, there are limited circumstances when teeth whitening can be recommended for younger children.  Dental Enamel Thickness The ultimate thickness of your dental enamel (the tough outer layer of your teeth) isn't immediate. It will continue to develop after adult teeth have erupted, before reaching their final density over the coming years.

  • An Overview Of Fluoride Varnish Treatment For Kids

    When you take your child to the dentist for a check-up, they may be offered a fluoride varnish treatment. This is a routine treatment offered to children to strengthen enamel and help prevent cavities. Fluoride varnish is a temporary treatment, so it may be offered at each routine appointment, but it's up to you to decide whether it's right for your child. Fluoride Varnish Explained Fluoride varnish is a high-concentration fluoride treatment that is applied to the teeth with a soft brush applicator.

  • What You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment

    Your mouth is a hostile place where bacteria can circulate and can often play havoc with your dentition. While you may exercise good oral care every day, you may still run into problems if you develop a small cavity that can allow the bacteria inside the tooth. When you eventually go to the dentist to see what is wrong, they will take a close look and determine the current health of the tooth in question.

  • Alternative Dental Stain Removal Procedures

    Tooth discolouration is perhaps one of the most common reasons people go for cosmetic dentistry. Notably, there are different causes for tooth discolouration, including diet, old age, lifestyle and genetics. Therefore, a cosmetic dentist must evaluate a case before determining appropriate treatment. That said, most people think teeth bleaching is the only solution for discoloured pearly whites, which is not the case. This article highlights alternative teeth whitening procedures. Enamel Microabrasion — It is a relatively common cosmetic dental procedure for removing teeth stains.

  • Why Dental Implants Are The Better Choice, But Harder To Get

    Dental implants are a fantastic option for those who have lost one or several teeth for whatever reason. Whether it is from an accident or due to some kind of disease that affected those teeth, dental implants make the perfect choice for those looking to replenish their jaw with a full set of pearly whites. However, dental implants are not as easy to get as other fake teeth, so you need to ensure you fit the eligibility criteria.

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