Dentures and Dentist

Dentures and Dentist

  • Removable or Nonremovable – What Braces Are Best for Youngsters?

    In such a critical world, people are becoming increasingly worried about their appearance. This applies even more in the case of a youngster, who also has to deal with peer pressure at school or in other social situations. Many young people find that they need their teeth straightened as part of their development and may consequently be concerned about wearing an appliance. There are options, however, that aren't as obtrusive as the more "

  • How to Keep Your Braces In Good Condition

    Wearing braces in your mouth is usually only a temporary measure to fix a particular problem. Both teenage and adult braces need to be kept clean, however, or the teeth they are reshaping will suffer. Many people who wear braces know that they should continue to brush their teeth but know little else. When you have braces attached to your teeth, oral hygiene is even more important than usual because you will not be able to access your teeth as you would normally expect to.

  • Dental Problems? Do You Need a Dentist or an Orthodontist?

    If you've been putting off a visit to a dentist for a long time, you may have built up a number of problems. Well-meaning friends may have told you that you need to visit a specialist, due to your particular issues. In this case, do you need to go to the dentist or an orthodontist? What's the difference and how can they help? Telling Them Apart When comparing an orthodontist to a dentist you should know that both are highly skilled, but one focuses on the general aspects of your mouth, while the other can help you with particular irregularities.

  • Which Oral Conditions Is My Special Needs Child Likely to Suffer From?

    Special needs children are more likely to develop oral conditions than those without special needs. The most common issue is oral hygiene, although there are some other reasons linked to specific disabilities. The children don't tend to understand the importance of taking care of their oral health. These are the most common oral conditions that dentists notice in children with special needs. More Oral Infections A special needs child may need to take a lot of medication that dries out the mouth.

  • Got Braces? 4 Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Sparkling White

    Wearing braces can be challenging—from the cost and time involved in getting them fitted to the constant care and maintenance required, nobody wants to wear braces if they can avoid it. Unfortunately, braces wearers often encounter another challenge, one that does not become apparent until well after the orthodontist's bills have been paid. Teeth discolouration due to trapped food is a common problem caused by braces and is an issue most braces wearers cannot prevent.

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Hello, my name is Jack. I am now 79 years old. As you can imagine, my teeth have taken something of a battering over the years. I lost a couple of teeth in a bar fight, four more decayed and one had to be extracted when it became infected. After losing so many teeth, my dentist suggested that I have dentures fitted. I was worried about this but my dentist was really great. He helped explain the procedure and then did an excellent job. I love my new dentures and I wanted to start this blog to offer help to others.