Dentures and Dentist

Dentures and Dentist

  • Can Transparent Retainers Dry Out Your Mouth?

    Whether you use invisalign braces or another form of transparent retainer, this nifty orthodontic device is meant to fix problems, not cause them. Although your transparent retainers aren't going to cause any major issues, some patients might find that they're experiencing a curious complication shortly after they begin using their new transparent retainers. Why are your retainers drying out your mouth? And is this something you need to live with, or can the problem be solved?

  • Orthodontic Treatment Methods

    Orthodontics is a specialist category of dentistry. Its primary purpose is to fix sections of your teeth and jaw that are not in their proper position. A perfect example is crooked teeth or teeth which have significant gaps in-between. So an orthodontist work is to fill those teeth gaps to make teeth cleaning both possible and comfortable. Further, the practitioner can correct crooked teeth and improve the chewing abilities of the patients.

  • What Is Phase One Orthodontic Treatment?

    Most orthodontic treatment for children starts in their teens. Typically, orthodontists wait until kids lose their baby teeth and their adult teeth are in position. So, you may be surprised when your dentist recommends that your pre-teen see an early orthodontist for a Phase One treatment assessment. What are Phase One orthodontics and how will they help your child? What Does Phase One Involve? Some younger children have obvious orthodontic problems early; others have issues that indicate that they'll need treatment later.

  • 4 Advantages Driving The Popularity Of Ceramic Dental Implants

    For the longest time, the number one choice when it came to dental implant material was titanium and titanium alloys. Ceramic dental implants have, over the past few years, become even more popular compared to their titanium counterparts. Why this is the case comes down to several reasons, some of which are highlighted here. 1. A More Natural Look Ceramic dental implants are white, and as such, they look more like your natural teeth.

  • An Uneven Smile: When Your Teeth Are Irregularly Sized

    You probably wouldn't want your teeth to all be the exact same size and shape, unless your style guru happens to be a cartoon character (which is not always the best look for real life). Teeth are (and should be) different sizes and shapes which reflect their particular role. Your incisors are sharp, sometimes with a pointed tip, in order to tear food. Your molars are flat and square so that they can chew food, mashing it up before it's swallowed.

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